Jonathan Majors ADMITS To Attacking Ex Grace Jabbari In Text Messages Entered Into Evidence!

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The Jonathan Majors trial is turning out to be an EPIC DISASTER for the former Hollywood star’s career ... and it should be an exercise in what NOT to do in a scandal.

Yesterday, the court allowed damaging text messages from Jonathan into evidence where the actor admitted to physically assaulting his ex Grace on at least one prior instance.

Before we go any further, Media Take Out will put this entire Jonathan Majors fiasco into context – to show you just how BADLY the former Hollywood actor blundered handling this incident.

On March 25th of this year, news broke that Jonathan was involved in a domestic incident with his girlfriend, and he was arrested on misdemeanor charges.

The charges were serious (abuse), but carried almost no jail time, since they were misdemeanors. Also, Jonathan’s ex – Grace – sent text messages to him, saying that she was willing to lie to police and prosecutors to protect his career.

Jonathan could have quickly settled with the district attorney, and details of exactly what happened would have never came out. Had he done so – he’d likely be back in Hollywood filming Marvel movies.

Instead Jonathan made the catastrophic error of going scorched earth: against the prosecutors, the New York police department, and his estranged girlfriend Grace, whom he’d allegedly abused.

Jonathan and his team first leaked text messages – which made him look even MORE guilty. And now they are forcing a criminal trial, which allows all the ugly details of his relationship with Grace to come out in the open.

Yesterday in court he made another blunder.

Jonathan’s legal team managed to get the judge to suppress old text messages between Jonathan and Grace, which appear to show Jonathan admitting to abusing her in the past. It was a HUGE win for Jonathan.

But Jonathan’s team F*CKED IT UP. They aggressively cross examined Grace …. and the judge ruled that because of the nature of their questioning – he was changing his mind and allowing the text messages to be introduced as evidence.

And the messages, which were sent 6 months before the latest alleged abuse incident, were damaging. The messages were sent after another alleged abuse incident, where Grace was so injured that she wanted to go to the hospital. Jonathan tried his best to convince her not to go.

“I fear you have no perspective of what could happen if you go to the hospital,” Majors, 34, texted Jabbari, 30, in September 2022. “They will ask you questions, and as I don’t think you actually protect us, it could lead to investigation even if you do lie, and they suspect something.”

In response, Jabbari had assured Majors that she would not blame him for causing an injury to her head.

“I will tell the doctor I bumped my head,” Jabbari cried as she read aloud the message in court.

Then unable to continue through her tears, Assistant District Attorney Kelli Galaway took over: “I will tell the doctor I bumped my head if I go. I’m going to give it one more day, but I can’t sleep and I need some stronger pain killers. That’s all: why would I tell them what really happened when it’s clear I want to be with you.”

Jonathan, in a what looks like a last ditch effort to prevent Grace from going to the hop-ital to treat her injuries, tried to guilt trip by threatening s*ic*de.

“Last night I considered ki**ing myself versus coming home,. I need love too. Or maybe I’m such a monster and horrible man, I don’t deserve it. And I should just kill myself. In this way, my existence is miserable, I want to die.”

Jabbari then responded: “I will not go to the doctor if you don’t feel safe with me doing so, or don’t trust me to. I promise you I would never mention you but understand your fear.”

Majors – hoping to convince Grace to not go to the hospital – added: “I will probably k*** myself, it’s not really contemplating anymore. I’m a monster, a horrible man, not capable of love. I’m ki**ng myself soon.”

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