John Boyega Gives Jamie Foxx Update: He’s Doing Well!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

British actor John Boyega shared that he has finally spoken with Jamie Foxx.

Boyega stars alongside Foxx in They Cloned Tyrone. In his update, he shared that he had been trying to reach out to the “Ray” actor for weeks without a response.

“He finally picked up the phone. Thank you, bro,” Boyega told PEOPLE. “He’s doing well. And then, you know, we just giving him the privacy, and we can’t wait for his return. I gave him the well wishes directly. I gave him all the well wishes. So I’m just gonna be waiting until he comes back out here. So take your time, Jamie. We love you, bro.”

Back in April, Foxx’s daughter Corinne Foxx shared a statement on social media stating that her father had “experienced a medical complication.” Corinne also requested that their family’s privacy be respected as he recovered.

Fans are still hoping Foxx will speak to them directly to put their minds at ease that he is well.

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