John Bodega The Next BLACK ACTOR To Go DOWN … IG Model Ex GF Threatens To ‘Expose’ Him

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Actor John Bodega may be the next popular African American male actor to go down in disgrace. As Media Take Out has been reporting, Jonathan Majors career is imploding, after a women he dated alleged that he “abused her.”

Jonathan and his lawyer dispute her claims, and have offered fairly compelling evidence which points towards his innocence – as Media Take Out reported – but it’s not changing the public perception against the Creed star.

Now a beautiful woman who used to date John Bodega is threatening to release potential career ending information about him.

For the past year, John dated off-and-on a gorgeous model named PamPam. The two travelled the globe together, and there were rumors that John may even be looking to marry the curvy model.

Well the two split up a few weeks ago. Shortly after the split, PamPam claims that people online were saying some horrible things about her. When PamPam spoke with one of the women making up lies about her, she was told that John Bodega was reportedly spreading rumors about her to other women he’s dated, Media Take Out has learned.

And now PamPam is not only devastated for the betrayal by John, but she’s angry also an dis threatening to release “secret” information about the actor that could end up destroying his career. Look:

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