Joe Gorga Denies Jennifer Aydin’s BravoCon ‘Lie’

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Joe Gorga denied allegations made by Jennifer Aydin that he made derogatory remarks about her at BravoCon that led to a heated argument.

“Everything that you heard is a lie,” he said on the “Chicks in the Office” podcast. “Whatever you heard Jennifer’s assistant say, it was all lies.”

He continued, “The story is out there that she threw a drink at me, and I was saying these vulgar things to her — no. First of all, I was 50 feet away with my wife … Jennifer likes to dig a lot and she gets involved in my family business.”

Jennifer had a completely different version of the story.

“I press the button for the elevator. As the elevator opens, Melissa yells out ‘Loser!’ I told her to ‘shut the f-ck up.’ She then called me a [wannabe]. I looked at her and said very calmly, ‘Don’t start one, won’t be none.’ Then Joe Gorga yells, ‘Suck a duck, b-tch,'” she shared.

“So I told him to shut the f-ck up. Then, their talent guy that’s always with them, Tom Minion, he comes toward me and said, ‘You’re low class and trash.’ I then told him, ‘Get the f-ck away from me! Stay back!’ And when he didn’t, I chucked my drink, which was water with melted ice, by the way, in his face and threw my plastic cup,” Jennifer claimed.

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