Joe Budden SLAMS Kai Cenat For Dissing Killer Mike’s Grammy Win

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Joe Budden slammed streamer Kai Cenat for disrespecting Killer Mike’s Best Rap Album award at the Grammys.

“Shut your ass up. Y’all little streaming n-ggas don’t always run sh-t. Shut the f-ck up. We don’t care about none of that little streaming, moshpit, marked car whatever you n-ggas is doing over there,” said Budden on his podcast.

“U-f-cking-topia. U-nope-ia n-gga. I’m just so happy that the streaming, that the little f-ckity f-cks finally have a look in the mirror moment and say, ‘Oh, it’s not about us.’ No, adults are out, n-gga. N-ggas got pocket handkerchiefs in. N-ggas got fly sh-t on. Yeah, real execs, business people, you little f-ckity f-cks,” he continued.

Kai caught wind of Budden’s comments and clapped back with equal disrespect. He accused old heads like Budden of not letting the youth “flourish.”

“Y’all stop talking about streamer n-ggas, bro…I would buy you, my n-gga. You say it don’t come off as hating but you always bringing me up, bro. Relax, my n-gga. Stop,” Cenat said. “Respect to the old n-ggas for sure. Respect to ’em for sure. The only thing I would say I was wrong at was not even [being] able to do my research on Killer Mike and sh-t like that. But in the moment, if I wanna voice my opinion, I’mma voice my opinion. 100 percent, bro. And that’s some people’s problem, y’all don’t ever let the young n-ggas flourish—the young n-ggas think Utopia is fire, let the young n-ggas think Utopia is fire.”

Viewers are expecting Budden to apologize.

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