Joe Budden Says Podcast Is Better Since Rory & Mal Left

Lyndon Abioye |

Joe Budden sat down for an interview with DJ Akademiks, where Ak pressed him to admit that the newest lineup of the show is the best the JBP has ever had.

“I think this is the best that this podcast has ever been,” Budden said agreeing with Ak. “By far to me, though. I’m not saying that people out there would feel like another era was the greatest era. I’m saying that this is the best that this podcast has ever been.”

He continued, “And I’m saying that in the ability to what we can speak about, how we can speak about it, how many opinions and different perspectives, how many people are researched and well-versed in these different topics. There’s topics that come up and I gotta shut the fuck up and throw the ball to my older co-hosts.”

Budden’s friends, Ish and Ice replaced Rory and Mal. Budden recently added Melyssa Ford and Queenzflip to the lineup.

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