Joe Budden Says Meek Mill & Rick Ross’ Album Was A “Money Grab”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Joe Budden is not feeling Rick Ross and Meek Mill’s joint album and thinks the rappers only released the album to make some coins.

Too Good to Be True dropped on November 10th and sold just over 31,000 units.

“Meek and Ross, that was all over the place. It’s cool loud. If you turn it all the way up, it’s cool. I love the Wale record on there, I love that record. It’s a few more records on there I love. I love all the records that are three minutes and 40 seconds long. There’s a lot that’s not that long…they’re shorter. When they do that, whatever they’re talking about jumps out on the track to me,” Budden said in his view on his podcast.

“Them n-ggas ain’t talking about nothing. They ain’t said nothing on that whole project. Not a word, not a thing […] It was a money grab, for sure. I don’t think [there’s] nothing wrong [with that]…they got the money. When I hear Ross and Meek, it’s classic time for me. So this was cool, but my bar for them is high-high.”

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