Joe Budden Says He Cut Comments About Diddy & Cassie From Podcast

Tiffany Brockworth |

Joe Budden claims he had a lot more to say about Diddy and Cassie but edited out his opinions for his podcast.

“I had to do a little bit of editing ’cause y’all almost got me. Y’all almost got me to be the only voice out there saying some sh-t. Nah, them blogs would’ve had a field day with that podcast this morning. Nope. Sometimes you got to protect your peace and your co-hosts’ peace. I ain’t playing with y’all,” he said on Live.

Fans reacted to the clip.

“So basically after that Cassie lawsuit and Diddy allegations they went crazy and the moment he saw the lawsuit was settled he was probably like welp let’s edit all that stuff out about Diddy 😂” one fan wrote.

Another wrote, “Nahhhhhhhh im sick of the picking and choosing!! Yall n-ggas tucking yall tails!”

Many celebrities have been very quiet and are not speaking out about the Diddy allegations. Slim Thug, DJ Akademiks and Aubrey O’Day have all been very vocal.

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