Joe Budden Says Drake Is Rapping For The Children!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Joe Budden gave a very honest review of Drake new album, For All the Dogs, and says Drake’s content should be more mature.

“He rappin’ for the children. Yo dog, I had to look up how old this n-gga was when I finished listening to the album,” Budden said. “You are 36. Your birthday is in 20 days. I Googled that, too. You’re going to be 37 years old. Get the f-ck away from some of these younger n-ggas. And stop f-cking these 25-year-olds.”

Budden continued, “I want to hear adult Drake rapping for adult people. … He’s rapping for the kids, the streams, the accolades. He ain’t trying to rap for me. I accept that.”

Some fans are calling Budden’s review hate, but real Budden fans know that he often speaks highly of Drizzy’s music. On his new album, Drake took shots at Rihanna (allegedly), singer Esperanza Spaulding and Kanye West.

Is Budden’s review accurate?

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