Joe Budden RIPS Travis Scott & Playboi Carti’s GRAMMYs Performance!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Joe Budden gave his thoughts on Travis Scott and Playboi Carti’s “Fe!n” performance at the Grammys, and he doesn’t think very highly about it.

“What the f-ck is Travis and his man doing up here? Aye, you two bozos! Get the f-ck off the stage when n-ggas got beautiful women and tuxedos on, honestly. You up there smashing sh-t. You got the nerve,” said the retired rapper.

Travis Scott aired his grievances about not winning any Grammys this year even though he received 10 nominations.

“All that sh-t look different when it ain’t a thousand little white kids jumping up and down. When there are grown people here, all that ‘fein, fein, fein,’ that’s what you wanted to win over Killer Mike? You’re f-ckin’ stupid. You bring your man out, Playboi Carti. The crowd just stays silent. Playboi Carti looked confused like, ‘y’all don’t know who I am?” No, n-gga! You got a f-cking mask on. Who the f-ck are you under there? You are not at SXSW anymore! We can’t recognize you bozo’s by the stocking mask you wearing. I hate these n-ggas, man, all of ’em! I love that song, I love that song, but not when tuxedos are out. Take that sh-t to the dirty Coachella grass n-gga. N-gga’s showered and lathered themselves tonight.”

Playboi Carti has been spotted out wearing a mask, including during his controversial livestream with Adin Ross.

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