Joe Budden Responds To Tasha K… “You Play With PIGS, You Get MUD On You!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Joe Budden responded to Tasha K after she went on a rant against him last week when he decided not to air his interview with her for the sake of his friendship with Cardi B.

Budden denies his decision was because of Cardi, calling the interview a “problem.”

“The girl’s work ethic is her work ethic. And she has it. Can’t nobody take that away from her. I wanted to learn more about her. Clearly negligence on my part with that whole her, Cardi, they both seem to be entirely too passionate about whatever occurred for even a regular interview to go down. But that interview wasn’t coming out now because of Cardi. Like I already told her, that interview was a problem legally, financially, and algorithmically. It was a lot going on in that interview. It would be foolish of me to just put out an interview with the girl that just got sued and lost for $4 million without checking this,” he said.

Joe continued, “All of this other sh-t just happened to happen while my lawyers was looking at this. Listen, you play with pigs, you get mud on you. I don’t have nothing to say. That’s just a very destructive type of energy. I wouldn’t have got that from her without meeting her. Like meeting her and hearing her story is like, oh, this is why you’re like this. This is why some things are maybe hindering your progress. This is why there’s levels to this.”

Was Joe right to hold back the interview or should he put it out?

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