Joe Budden Responds To ‘Stealthing’ Scandal!!

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Joe Budden has responded to backlash after he claimed that he has been guilty of “stealthing” women.

Stealthing is when a man pretends to put a condom on and doesn’t, or when he takes it off during intercourse without the woman’s knowledge or consent.

“Even I’ve done walked in the corner and faked like I was putting a condom on before. That sh-t be working. They’re none the wiser” he said on a recent episode which has since been pulled off all networks. “Yes, I did that, 1000 percent. That was my poor execution of my plan after I mastered it, which was to just bust through the lamb skin. Let me go find the thinnest condom in the world and bust [through it].”

TheShaderoom posted the clip. In the comments, people were angry at Budden’s confession, but he seemed to find the backlash humorous.

“Y’all really want all black men in jail lol,” he wrote.

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