Joe Budden Reads Drake Angry DMs On Podcast

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Joe Budden responded to Drake dissing him on Instagram by reading the DMs Drizzy sent to him after his review of new album, For All the Dogs.

“Take a chill pill, Anthony. Have a drink. Throw on some instrumentals. Maybe write one of those, ‘Fellas, do your thing, lemme do my thing’ joints for old time’s sake. A little radio play would do you some good, papa,” Joe read.

“It sounds like he thinks that this is, like, Views beef time. I want to reiterate: I’m happier than I’ve ever been. I don’t have beef! I don’t even get the message, but cool,” said the rapper-turned-podcaster.

Joe said he wrote back, “I’m not sure why you went crazy like that. I like the album. This ain’t 2016, I got no beef. Get your sh-t off, though. As a matter of fact, nobody’s happier for you than me.”

Drizzy accused Joe of getting too personal when he told the rapper to stop sleeping with 25-year-olds, but Joe and the crew agreed his remarks were fairplay as Drake made the claims himself in his own music.

Watch the clip above.

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