Joe Budden Reacts To Jeannie Mai & Jeezy Divorce… “I’m Not Surprised…”

Lyndon Abioye |

Joe Budden has reacted to the news Jeezy filed for divorce from talk show host Jeannie Mai.

“Y’all do know that before she got married, there was that clip from her show saying she wouldn’t date a Black guy, right? At home is where you’re going to be true to your beliefs, whatever they are. I don’t know what happened between them, but that comment, and him filing. I hope it would have worked,” he said on his podcast.

He continued: “It saddens me that it didn’t work, because they were cute as a couple. But I’m not surprised.”

Budden is responding to a viral clip of Jeannie Mai saying:

“I loved Black guys, but for me, dark meat on the side, white [meat] keeps me mean and lean” when asked about dating Black men. I used to date Black men, I think they’re attractive. But what I decided to stick to is, because it just kept me happiest, was my man Freddy who happens to be white.”

Were y’all surprised?

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