Joe Budden Reacts To J. Cole’s Youtube Story:

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On the cover art for “Procrastination (Broke),” Cole said he was finding it hard to get inspired when he searched “J. Cole type beat” on YouTube and came across a producer Bvtman.

Joe Budden says the rapper is lying.

“J. Cole’s pandering. He got a bag for that YouTube trick he pulled on y’all, too. I found out that the guy who just so happened to do the ‘J Cole type beat’ He’s like the most popular producer on YouTube,” said Budden.

He continued, “This guy was him. And it’s pandering. Nothing wrong. Y’all swear I hate people. I don’t. And I love J. Cole, so don’t start that. But the story that they put out versus what’s really happening. Like, stop. I’m just not stupid. I’m sorry if so many of y’all hate me because I’m not stupid. I can see through what your publicist in pumping into you. I can see what your lawyer is pumping into you. What your label, A&R is pumping in you. I can see through that stuff.”

Y’all think J. Cole was lying?

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