Joe Budden Questions Why No Rappers Are Speaking Out To Defend Drake

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Drake is the number one rapper in the world, or at least he was until the Kendrick Lamar beef, but on the latest episode of his podcast, Joe Budden questioned by more rappers are not stepping forward to defend him.

“The most important line in this battle starts to come true, which is ‘It’s not just me. I’m what the culture is feeling. The industry is sending a clear-cut message that you have worn out your welcome. This is not a Kendrick just West Coast thing. They just went out and tapped [Kendrick] on the shoulder like, ‘Big dawg, help,'” said Joe on his podcast.

Birdman has spoken out in defense of Drake, but his celebrity pals have been silent or celebrating Kendrick’s win.

Joe added, “This is not just coincidentally we are all mad at Drake’s success and we are acting out. This is bigger than that is all I’m saying. It says something that nobody outside of Birdman is saying something in support of Drake. It’s not up for question. I’m telling y’all factual music business sh-t. It’s no longer just I, it’s by design. It’s calculated.”

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