Joe Budden PRESSES Adam22 On Underage S*x Allegations

Lyndon Abioye |

Joe Budden pressed Adam22 about his alleged history with underaged girls. Adam’s alleged interactions with a 16-year-old have been circulating online for years.

On Budden’s Amazon AMP show, Conversation Lovers Only, Adam said he was 21 when he first talked to the girl who was 16 at the time. He says he did not speak with her again until she was 19…and they met in Canada and stayed at her home for a couple of days while he was in town for work.

“You said the girl was from wherever she was from, she didn’t know what she was doing, but you knew what you were doing. You said, ‘I knew what I was doing, so I got away from her.’ Well… you didn’t get away from her if, by the grace of God, she ends up back in your life now that she’s OF age; you’re spending the night at her f-ckin’ mom’s house. What type of white boy pervert shit… what are you talkin’ about?” Budden said to Adam.

Adam denied being a pervert.

“What is the pervert sh-t about dating somebody once they are legal and of age? Joe, I didn’t say a word to her for like three and a half years, and I mean that. It’s just, we just sorta ended up … I didn’t wait for anything, we just ended up reconnecting later on. So because I met her when she was underage, I shouldn’t have f-cked her even though she’s of age? Well, in retrospect I wish I woulda taken that advice, it woulda made everything a lot simpler, right?”

Listen to the full exchange above.

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