Joe Budden Isn’t Sure Drake Belongs In Hip-Hop

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Joe Budden discussed Drake on his podcast and questioned whether the Canadian rapper has a place in Hip-Hop.

Appearing on the BagFuel podcast,Budden spoke about the way Kendrick Lamar approached his battle with Drake.

“Culture is where Kendrick was shifting his conversation: how do you dress? Who’s your barber? Are you a good dad? Can you dance? Your slaps? What’s your hood? Did you have a nickname growing up? Shit like that is what Kendrick was leaning into to,” he said.

He continued, “Those people, I believe, created Hip Hop.”

During the battle, Budden and other journalists, including Elliott Wilson, said they believe that Drizzy did not take his battle with K.Dot seriously when he should have.

Drake recently performed with Dipset wearing Cam’rons pink fur and he purchased 2Pac’s ring which has led to criticism.

“Even if that’s not your intent, you gotta know how that comes off,” he said. “I’ve never been around Drake and Kendrick, but to hear Kendrick say, ‘You run to Atlanta when you need a check balance…’ It’s like, ‘Oh, you noticed that too.’ ‘Cause I noticed that. I get what you trying to say. And you probably the only person that could say it, and it be effective and impactful.”

Watch the clip above.

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