Joe Budden DRAGS Micheal B. Jordan

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Joe Budden went viral this week for remarks he made about actor Michael B. Jordan’s red carpet interview with Lore’l.

Jordan confronted the interviewer after she allegedly called him “corny” in an old interview. It was actually her co-host who made the comments.

“Dawg, you doing that to a girl is some corny-n-gga sh-t. You being Michael B. Jordan, today, allegedly sexiest man alive, all of these blockbuster movies, during your highlight week. You’ve probably never been more visible than you are right this second. And that’s what you do to her? And if I bring back those white girl rumors, then it’s gon’ sound even crazier. Why you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet when you don’t talk to white bitches like that?” Budden said on his podcast.

Budden kept going.

He continued, “But I’m not gon’ make it race here. They say I make everything race. That was corny of him to speak to that girl like that. Michael B. Jordan, that’s why n-ggas call you corny. Hey, Creed. In case you was confused, that corny-ass sh-t you did is why n-ggas think you corny. In case you were off a little bit.”

Fans called out Budden on Twitter for his offensive comments.

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