Joe Budden Doesn’t Believe Logic’s Claims Of Wanting To Commit S*icide

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Logic once said that Joe Budden’s jokes about him being a wack rapper almost drove him to suicide…but Budden isn’t buying it.

“Logic is full of sh-t. I don’t believe him. You can’t know and you can’t prove it. But Logic is full of sh-t… Logic put out a song with mental health as the phone number – 1-800-whatever-the-f-ck-that-sh-t-was. Pandering bullsh-t,” Joe said of Logic’s track, “1-800-273-8255,” the number for the Suicide Prevention Hotline.

He continued, “Everything about Logic is pandery. So there’s really no way to ever tell what’s truthful and what’s not truthful. And since he said [he experienced suicidal thoughts] I try to take him off my list of people to speak about because I do have a heart. But I do think he’s full of sh-t.”

Budden and Logic have had beef for some time but it seems the beef will not be over any time soon.

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