Joe Budden Claps Back At “Failed Gold Digger” Ex-GF Tahiry…

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Joe Budden stepped into The Shade Room to clap back at Tahiry Jose for accusing him of being abusive during their relationship.

Tahiry was triggered when Budden reacted to the video of Diddy beating Cassie and called Budden out for being a hypocrite when she says he allegedly assaulted her while they were dating.

“You are a lying, failed gold digger that has abused, targeted and manipulated many men. Outside of me you lack an identity which is why you’ve tried desperately to attach yourself to me for over 15 years. The last time i saw you i purchased a mattress from you and you were happy you made the sale, you were fine then,” he wrote.

“There was that night after Starlets 6 years ago when you invited me inside your new place, you were fine then too. You were on my body your entire last stint on L&HH and tried your best to disrespect my son’s mother in the process, i had to ask producers to keep you away from us like the cancer you are!! Yet you continue to slight my name online because… it’s your identity.”

Tahiry and Joe started dating back in 2005. Tahiry revealed to Hollywood Unlocked that he allegedly assaulted her while they were together. Tahiry says the retired rapper broke her rib and nose.

Budden has always denied her claims.

He added, “I don’t speak to you or about you because it’s low vibrational. You’re a low level Dyckman con woman that’s been lying about (you already know) for ages. I pray you heal and move on one day, hopefully this is our last exchange…. Prayers to all real victims.”

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