Joe Budden Claps Back At Cam’ron… “Call Your Lawyer!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Joe Budden responded to Cam’ron after the Dipset rapper dragged Melyssa Ford and his podcast cohosts after Melyssa implied he and Ma$e used to party with underage girls.

“I think every one of you n-ggas is goofy. I take the high road because I’m not engaging with none of you n-ggas out there. I don’t do back-and-forths with none of you n-ggas out there. I don’t do responding,” said Joe.

Joe told Cam’ron, who threatened to sue, to bring his lawsuit, saying that he stands by Melyssa.

“You think you got a lawsuit, call your lawyer. You got enough lawyers. I think they’ll advise you against it. And I don’t think n-ggas papers is long enough for frivolous lawsuits that they don’t have a chance on winning. Call your lawyer and look up what defamation means. I’m not doing this sh-t with you n-ggas out here. You n-ggas are trying to play algorithm games and I’m not here for none of it,” he continued.

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