Joe Budden Challenges Stephen A. Smith To A Debate

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Joe Budden has challened Stephen A. Smith to a debate to squash the GOAT debate between LeBron James and Michael Jordan once and for all.

Budden is team LeBron while Smith rides for Jordan.

“Open invite, Stephen A. Whenever you want to come sit on either one of these fine couches, let’s embrace debate,” Budden said on his podcast.

Smith reshared the clip and accepted Budden’s challenge:

“My Brother, I will happily accept that invitation. Nothing but love for you and your show. Just let me get through these Finals. The second I have time this Summer, I’ll gladly accept your invite. See you soon, Bro!” he wrote.

Fans reacted in the comments:

“This will be if the not biggest one of the biggest viewed/listened podcast of all time imo! 2 of the most argumentative debaters is just good content and the topic is such a hot button that the only way y’all mess this up is the conversation is to short. Make it happen @JoeBudden @Ian_Schwartzman @JoeBuddenPod,” one fan wrote.

Another added, “This whole convo gonna be full of memes when this finally happens.”

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