Joe Budden Calls Diddy A “Complete Evil Piece Of Sh*t” Over Cassie Video!!

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Joe Budden finally gave his take on the leaked video of Sean “Diddy” Combs beating his ex-girlfriend Cassie and his apology video.

Budden called the video “disgusting.”

“That shit was almost unbearable to watch. I’m certain that that was triggering for a lot of people that saw it,” he said, adding that he is surprised Diddy didn’t lay low after the leak.

“So he pops right back out. Talk about tone deaf. Talk about inability to read a room. Where are the fucking publicists? Where is anybody in this moment? But he pops back out with this half-hearted, bullsh*t apology that was like almost offensive, almost like a slap in the face, that apology,” said Budden as his cohosts agreed.

“He didn’t even try to put some sincerity into this thing. That CNN/Puff story broke as we were recording, and while we did touch on it, when I listen back, I didn’t feel like enough time was devoted to just how much of a f*cking lunatic that n-gga looked like and what that means industry wise, for all parties involved,” he said. “I don’t think this is the last of it, nor do I think he’s the only one. So at any point, [if] we want to start having some uncomfortable conversations, not only am I down for it but I’m down to initiate it, because this sh*t is a mess and he looks like a f*cking nut — he looks like a complete evil piece of sh*t.”

Watch the clip above.

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