Joe Budden ‘Apologizes’ To Ari Lennox…Calls Her A “Bag Of Mixed Nuts”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Joe Budden responded to Ari Lennox’s lawsuit threat by giving her an ‘apology’ on a recent episode of his podcast.

Budden recently blasted Ari for complaining about joining Rod Wave’s tour. She threatened to sue him.

“In a industry that has historically not been great to women, now is not the time for any woman out there to feel like they are under attack, unheard or not seen. And if I’ve ever added to that, then I want to do my best to change the trajectory,” said Joe adding that his “punching down,” days are over and that is is going to “try to set a new example in 2024.”

He accused her of trying to demean hin “while summoning the powers universally of Black women, while simultaneously bigging up a white man who fetishizes. All on Martin Luther King Day.”

His apology went completely left.

“This chick is a bag of f-ckin’ mixed nuts. Mixed nuts come from everywhere. This b-tch is all the nuts combined and I think she’s done a great job of proving the exact point that I was trying to make in the last broadcast, and we shower her with love.”

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