Joe Budden Addresses Tsu Surf’s RICO Arrest

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Joe Budden reacted to the news that his close friend Tsu Surf had been arrested on RICO charges.

“I’ll be honest, for me I’m a little conflicted on how I feel about it. ‘Cause like Black men in this country, I’m trying to see what part I’m responsible for. With this being my man and with me being older and just knowing a little more. But the truth is, there’s nothing you could do.”

He continued: “You just keep running the sh-t back to see what maybe you could have done differently or said differently to end in a different result.”

According to reports, Tsu Surf barricaded himself inside a building when the U.S. Marshals tried to take him into custody. He had tried to escape the cops but later reentered the building with his girlfriend and was surrounded. He would not go easily however.

Sources say that it took a negotiation team to coax the battle rapper out of the building. Tsu was taken into custody and is being held in the Essex County Jail.

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