Jim Jones Was ‘Upset’ After Hearing Maino’s ‘Hi Hater’

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They may be cool now, but Jim Jones says he was upset the first time he heard Maino’s “Hi Hater.”

“I was mad,” Jones told HHDX. “I don’t think I ever even told you this! I was on fire when I heard that sh-t. This punk n-gga got a record, I’m upset! He really got a record, now he really in the game. You were on the outskirts to me before ‘Hi Hater.’ I heard ‘Hi Hater,’ I was like, ‘F-ck, man! Who the f-ck…’ I kicked the posters over and everything, f-ckin’ ‘Hi Hater,’ I’ll punch you right in your mouth.”

He added: “I had every indication in my mind, that was a hit record. There’s no way around it, but I was really pissed off at the time. I was the hater he was saying hi to.”

After beefing for years, Maino and Capo finally put their differences aside. They now release music together.

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