Jim Jones Explains Why The Youth Need Money Mentors

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Jim Jones says that nobody showed him how to manage his money growing up and it’s important to make sure the youth have mentors in this area.

“I didn’t have any mentorship in that area as a kid. All I knew was money is what I needed to get what I want, and I used to hustle and bustle to get some money. It’s very important for people to be financially literate and at least understand what a dollar can do and how to make a dollar because we didn’t have that coming up,” Capo told HHDX.

“Our idea of making a dollar was actually having to hustle for it and do things where the consequences wouldn’t be the ones you wanted to face, so now there’s a lot of different ways for us to make money that we need to explore that they weren’t telling us back then. A major component is these cell phones and social media and the internet that opened our eyes up to a whole different type of money making tools, even all the way up to cryptocurrencies and NFTs. I’m making sure my people are equipped with some of the things they need to open businesses.”

Watch his new episode of Mining Diamonds below.

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