Jim Jones Demands Proof Jada Pinkett Smith Used To Be A DRUG DEALER!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Jim Jones wont believe Jada Pinkett Smith’s claims she used to be a drug dealer unless some of her past customers come forward to confirm they’ve bought from her.

“If you sold crack in the nineties, nine times out of ten, there’s still some crackheads in the neighbourhood that can vouch that you were selling that butter,” said Capo. “I don’t know where Jada grew up at, but we need to go check and see if they got some fiends that can verify, validify that she was selling that she had that butter on the block for sale.”

In an interview, Jada said:

“I knew that anything that I needed was something I needed to provide for. I decided to sell drugs,” she alleged.

“Growing up, the drug dealers were the ones that had affluence,” she added. “That’s what we readily saw as success. And so for me, considering my circumstances at the time, my mother was not doing well. She was a high-functioning heroin addict. We didn’t have the things that we should have. The home we lived in was not taken care of.”

Y’all believe her?

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