Jess Hilarious Wants To Know Why Nicki Minaj Wants Katt Williams On Her Tour

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Last week, Nicki Minaj asked the fans to help her get comedian Katt Williams on her tour… but Jess Hilarious thinks that Katt is too expensive to be an opening act on her tour.

“When the fuck did Nicki and Katt Williams even have a f-cking relationship? To put him on your tour? Usually, people do things like this when the tour is not selling. Maybe it isn’t. Now, that’s very expected these days because of the economy. People put sh-t on layaway to buy RENAISSANCE tickets. The economy is in such a sh-t place right now, it’s totally expected to not sell out your f-cking tour,” she said.

Jess pointed out that Katt makes $300-400k each show and that Nicki would have to offer him a coheadliner spot. Jess hints that Nicki may be struggling to sell out her tour.

“No icon, no matter how big or small, is exempt from promotion. You promoted that album, you did interviews, you popped out. You promoted ‘HISS,'” she said.

Nicki has not clapped back at Jess.

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