Jermaine Dupri Reveals How He Bagged Janet Jackson

Lyndon Abioye |

In the 2000s Jermaine Dupri surprised everybody when he revealed that he bagged Janet Janet.

Speaking to Gillie and Wallo on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, he shared how he managed to get her to date him.

“It wasn’t about [that],” he said, making it clear he did not try to sway Janet with beats. “I wasn’t with no music sh*t. I was just on some like hang out.”

He continued, “I never wanted to produce her. We got in an argument about me not producing her because she was around me watching everybody else get hit records. I never wanted her to think that’s what my agenda was. ‘Cause so many people was saying that…When Janet met me she got picked up from the airport in a [Bentley] Continental T.”

Dupri said he didn’t want to “mess up” her relationship with super-duo Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and felt she “didn’t need him.”

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