Jermaine Dupri Reacts To 6ix9ine Attack

Lyndon Abioye |

Jermaine Dupri is the latest celebrity to be asked for his opinion on the brutal attack against rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine last week.

“It’s almost like if you see him out, it’s that ‘let’s get him’… type of mentality. It feels like you get rewarded. I feel like it was like a bounty out for that. Like first person that records Tekashi 6ix9ine getting beat up, they are going to get money or something like that,” Dupri told Page Six.

He continued: “I don’t like the fact that now people perpetuated for that to happen. I think it’s crazy that people perpetuated it. But the thing is, it actually happened and now people are saying it is fucked up. It feels like we were in one of them old cowboy movies with a person’s picture on the wall. If you see him as a reward. If he was like that’s what people do with their phones. Like it’s a reward, a bounty.”

People expected 6ix9ine to get attacked the moment he was released from prison.

“People will reach and want to be the first person to do it and attack, to record to be the first to post, and I’m gonna win. But you’re not gonna get nothing. I just feel like the internet has the Black and brown people really confused at this point in time.”

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