Jennifer Garner asks Regina King: “Where are your ancestors from?”

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Actress Jennifer Garner is currently facing some pretty severe backlash on social media, with netizens accusing her of racial microaggression after a clipping from a 2017 chat show resurfaced online, Media Take Out has learned.

The footage in question comes from an episode titled, My Dinner Party: My American Experience, from the now-canceled Netflix talk show, Chelsea, hosted by comedian Chelsea Handler.

In the short video that resurfaced online, Regina King was explaining where she comes from.

Regina explained, “I grew up here in L.A., born and bred.”

The beautiful Black actress then went on to discuss how proud she is of her Los Angeles upbringing, Jennifer Garner, who was sitting across the table is suddenly seen interjecting her with the question:

“But do you know where your ancestors are from?”

Netizens have now expressed anger at Garner for interrupting an African American woman who was already talking about her upbringing and asking her an “unnecessary” question about where she’s really from. In fact, some have deemed it as racist and a form of microaggression.

Regina kept it classy, and explained that her family was violently kidnapped during the transatlantic slave trade.

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