Jennifer Aydin Blasts ‘Thirsty’ Joe Gorga

RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin is dragging Joe Gorga again after he denied her version of their verbal altercation at BravoCon weeks ago.

Jennifer says there are receipts to back up her story.

“I think there’s unedited footage out there that shows everything in real time, so I don’t know why he would blatantly rebut that,” told Page Six.

She continued, “I have no time for thirsty people at this point. I would like to move on from that situation. I don’t know why he keeps bringing it up, but they’ve been made to be liars, and I think they’re just doing whatever it takes to stop them from drowning. So, whatever, to each his own.”

The altercation resulted in Jennifer throwing a drink in his face but she claims Joe has called her some disgusting names.

“I know my own truth. The fans see the truth. And like I said, the footage is out there, and they can see it all unedited, and they can see in real time that the derogatory remarks, the harassment, the intimidation he does, it’s all really disgraceful.”

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