Jen Shah Says She Was In ‘Denial’ Over Crimes

Tiffany Brockworth |

RHOSLC star Jen Shah says she was in denial after she was first arrested and charged with fraud.

The reality star, who is currently serving a 6.5 year prison sentence for her part in a nationwide telemarketing scheme, sat down for an interview hours before surrendering for her sentence.

“I was in complete denial at that time and for a long time throughout the process because I truly believed and was telling myself that I’m not guilty of these things that they’re accusing me of,” she told White Collar Advice. “It was like I was in this tunnel and I was only seeing what I wanted to see.”

“I was lying to myself because I didn’t want to accept that I had done these things or that I had hurt anybody,” Jen continued. “I was lying to myself and telling myself what I wanted to hear … That wasn’t supposed to be my reality and that thinking fostered more bad decisions for me throughout the legal process.”

Jen first pleaded not guilty to the charges…before changing her plea to guilty in July 2022.

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