Jeezy Reveals He Was Molested As A Child

Lyndon Abioye |

Jeezy revealed some shocking information about his childhood. During a sitdown with Nia Long the rapper revealed he was molested as a child.

Nia asked about the rapper’s trauma and he said:

“I think it was several things. I think the first was being left with a babysitter that was a woman that was older than me and her, you know, touching me and doing things to me that don’t normally happen to kids.”

He said he was introduced to sex at a very young age.

Jeezy also opened up about his decision to divorce wife Jeannie Mai.

“This has not been an easy journey. I can tell you that I’m sad. I can tell you that I’m disappointed. I can tell you that I’m uneasy,” Jeezy told the actress. “But God has put me on a different path, and that path is going to entail for me to take care of myself and to love myself and to be in the best situation that I can thrive as someone who’s been through all of the things that I’ve been through.”

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