Jeezy Fires Shots At Jeannie Mai On JT’s “Okay” Remix

Lyndon Abioye |

Jeezy hopped on the remix to rapper JT’s single “Okay,” where he seemingly fired shots at his ex-wife, Jeannie Mai.

“Why you got choppas in the house? ‘Cause I’m a n-gga still/ A b-tch’ll never catch me slippin’/ Yeah, a banana peel,” he raps.

After Jeezy filed for divorce, Jeannie Mai claimed he physically abused her, even sharing text messages and images displaying bruises on her body. After the images went viral, Jeezy posted the full text conversation appearing to show that her injuries occurred during a golfing trip.

Jeannie Mai also claimed he left out one of his assault rifles at home which was found by their their toddler daughter.

“At 10:22 pm on April 1, 2024, counsel for [Jeezy] sent a text to counsel for [Mai] containing three photographs,” the court documents read.

“The photographs show a safe and four guns, but notably, [Jeezy’s] AK-47 assault rifle, which had previously been left unsecured by [Jeezy] and found by the parties’ two-year-old daughter beside a bed in the marital residence was missing from the photographs.”

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