Jeannie Mai LAST DITCH Effort To Save Marriage … Quits IG & Promises Jeezy She’ll Keep Family ‘PRIVATE’

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Jeannie Mai and Jeezy’s divorce shocked us all … but Jeannie Mai may have been the most shocked of us all. As Media Take Out reported, the former REAL co-host was blindsided that her rapper husband filed to divorce her.

We’ve been told that one of Jeezy’s main complaints with his marriage, was that the notoriously private rapper didn’t want Jeannie all over social media posting about their family.

The insider explained, “Jeezy didn’t want to be married to a woman like Gabrielle Union, or Chrissy Teigen who are all over social media, every day talking about [their family’s] private issues.”

“He loves Jeannie Mai, but he’s not with all that extra stuff that she does [on social media],” the friend added.

Well it appear that Jeannie Mai is trying to change things – in a last ditch effort to save her marriage.

According to Jeezy’s friend, Jeannie is offering to quit social media … and to keep the family private, if that would save their marriage.

And she’s followed through with her promise. Media Take Out confirmed that Jeannie has officially quit Instagram. As of this morning, her IG page is gone.

And Jeannie’s YouTube page, where she spent most of the time talking to her fans about her husband and daughter, hasn’t published a single video since the divorce was announced.

Will Jeannie’s new social media “lite” strategy work to save her marriage. Only time will tell.

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