Jeannie Mai CHALLENGES Jeezy Divorce … Former Friend Says She’s After HIS MONEY!!

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The divorce drama between Jeannie Mai and Jeezy is heating up. According to new legal documents filed, Jeannie Mai’s attorney is seeking a “status conference” with Jeezy’s lawyers – to hash out their arguments with Jeezy’s divorce filing.

As Media Take Out reported, Jeezy filed for divorce last month. In his legal documents, he claims that their marriage is irretrievable broken. He’s asking for joint legal custody of their child, which would relieve the rapper off any child support obligations. The millionaire rapper also claims that Jeannie Mai signed a prenuptial agreement, one day before they wed, so she isn’t entitled to any of his money.

Looks like Jeannie has a problem with at least some of what Jeezy is alleging. Here’s the notice of a conference, set for next month.

Jeezy’s legal team argue that they have an iron-clad pre-cup in place, but that may be wishful thinking. Media Take Out examined the legal documents, and because the prenup was signed just one day before the wedding – it may not be valid.

We’ll have to see if Jeannie’s lawyers try and invalidate the lprenup.

Meanwhile, here’s another bit of tea. One of Jeannie’s former friends appeared on a popular Youtube podcast and spilled some EXTREMELY HOT TEA on the former Real co-host.

The woman claims that Jeannie Mai is a “dragon lady.” Dragon Lady is usually a stereotype of certain East Asian and occasionally South Asian and/or Southeast Asian women as strong, deceitful, domineering, mysterious, and often s**ually alluring.

The woman claims that Jeannie lied about doing humanitarian work in the Philippines, and she believes that Jeannie will do the same – to get her estranged husband Jeezy’s money.


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