Jay Z’s Former Best Friend … Claims He And Beyonce Are SATANISTS!!

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Jay Z is being accused of being a “satanist” by his former best friend – disgraced ex-NFL player Larry Johnson.

At one time Larry and Jay Z were inseparable. Jay Z was the biggest rapper in the world, and Larry was the top running back in the NFL. The two men, both in their 20s, were roommates – and Larry was signed to Jay Z’s new Rocafella management company.

But their friendship ended, after Larry was accused of repeatedly fighting women. Eventually Jay Z realized that he couldn’t be associated with Larry, and cut him off.

Now Larry is speaking out about his former bestie – and he has a LOT to say about Jay Z and Beyonce.

Media Take Out learned that in a new interview, Larry claims that Jay Z is a “satanist.”


Jason Whitlock’s podcast “Fearless” welcomed former NFL running back Larry Johnson. Larry opened up about his past and old connections from his early days with the Kansas City Chiefs. One of these close connections was with rapper Jay-Z. Larry talks about hip-hop and reveals some wild things about Jay-Z.

Larry explained to Jason, “It’s obvious that [Jay Z and Beyonce] are being controlled by satanism. I am not really scared to say this. We all know that Luciferians, Freemasons and occult knowledge that was dug up from Egypt has now surfaced in American society.”

He continued, “They are obviously not serving the same most high God that I am. That’s what makes us enemies … I stand for a completely different truth that he does.”


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