Jay Z Says Calling Him A ’Capitalist’ Is Like Using The N Word!

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Jay Z is fighting back against criticism against him and his wealth, coming from the mainstream media. Media Take Out confirmed that Jay Z took to Twitter yesterday to explain how many in the mainstream press are using racism against him, and other rich Black people in America.


And according to Jay Z, calling him a “capitalist” is another way of calling him the “N word.”

Jay explained his theory in a Twitter group. Media Take Out learned that the billionaire told listeners, “We not gonna stop, hip hop is young. We still growing and we’re not falling for that trick knowledgry that the public puts out there. Before was the America dream, pull yourself out of bootstraps and you can make yourself. All these lies that America told us our whole life and when we start getting it they try to lock us out of it. And they start inventing words like capitalist.”

And that’s not all.

He continued, “We’ve been called the n-word and monkeys. Those words y’all come up with- we gotta come up with stronger words.”

Then he explained his frustration, with how his wealth is being negatively portrayed in the media. “We killed ourselves to get here and now it’s like “eat the rich. We not stopping”


Many folks on Twitter don’t seem to be buying Jay Z’s explanation. Here are just some of the retorts:

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