Jason Lee Talks Leaving Kanye West Amid His Social Media Breakdown

Lyndon Abioye |

During some of Kanye West’s lowest public moments Jason Lee announced he was the rapper’s newest employee as Head of Media and then when Ye was essentially blackballed for his anti-Semitic rants, Lee walked away.

In a new interview, he talked about the moment he decided to leave.

“I understand the gaslighting, and I understand that the Kardashians have such a stronghold on mainstream media that they can try to bury you; it was just some weird sh-t,” Lee said.

“So I understand the outrage and the frustration. But what I didn’t understand was why Kanye lost track of the strategy behind getting people to understand it and open up their hearts to empathize with him. And because he couldn’t respect the leaders he put around him, look at what happened.”

Lee then slammed Ye for his White Lives Matter tee stunt with Candace Owens…but says he wants the rapper to be on good terms with people again.

“I want him to be loved again by the culture,” Lee said. “But I also want to see him take responsibility. What he said about the Jewish community was almost embarrassing because we’re asking one community to politic their pain over ours; slavery was real, it wasn’t a choice. And the Holocaust was a real thing that caused a lot of pain.”

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