Jason Lee Claims Someone Hired A Hitman To Kill Him!!

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Jason Lee claimed someone once hired a hitman to kill him.

“I’ve never talked about it. Somebody paid somebody to kill me,” he continued. “I never talked about it—I don’t even know I brought it up today because it’s going to go in my book but I looked at it like one of those things where I had to really process the fact that what I said wasn’t even worthy of you risking your freedom, ’cause that’s what you’re doing if you kill me,” he told the We In Miami Podcast.

“But yeah, they paid somebody to kill me and I found out and a person mediated or whatever,” he continued. “People aren’t going to like when you are a reflection of what they do. If you’re f-cking somebody else and f-cking off your marriage or your image, n-gga that’s you and your d-ck, that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.”

He did not say who the celebrity was who tried to have him killed.

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