Jannie Mai’s Friend: Her ANGER ISSUES May Have Contributed To Divorce!!

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Yesterday Jeezy shocked the world, by filing to divorce his wife of two years, Jeannie Mai – just one year after the two welcomed their daughter into the world.

Media Take Out spoke with a person close to Jeezy when the news broke. And Jeezy’s friend told us that the platinum selling rapper felt “suffocated” in his marriage – and those feelings likely led to the end on the relationship.

Today, Media Take Out spoke with a person close to Jeannie Mai for a reaction from her side. That person told us that she suspects that it was Jeannie’s TEMPER which may have caused the end of their relationship.

Jeannie’s associate told Media Take Out that Jeannie, despite her very friendly appearance on television, can be very angry and aggressive. The friend explained, “Jeannie is not the sweet lady you see on TV, that woman can be aggressive and very disrespectful. No way that Jeezy would put up with her for long.”

And Jeannie has been open about her anger and disrespectful nature. In an interview last year, she explained how she exhibited anger and made disrespectful comments towards her ex-husband because she “didn’t respect” him.

In the same interview, Jeannie explained how she tried the same behavior with Jeezy, and he immediately checked her. She said that she was working on getting her anger in check ….


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