Jamil “Mal” Clay DRAGGED Online For Bizarre Rant Defending Drake!!

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Jamil “Mal” Clay of the Rory & Mal podcast is trending online after his emotional podcast rant defending Drake.

Mal has sided with Drake throughout his entire beef with Kendrick Lamar and is even considered a close friend of Drake’s.

Mal says Drizzy won the beef but was challenged by all of his cohosts.

“That’s exactly what he did on ‘The Heart Part 6,’ [Drake] rapped about this n-gga’s taking this fake information,” Mal ranted. 

“I told y’all this on ‘Family Matters’ when I said, ‘You digging for dirt. You should be digging for proof. I’m f-cking playing with this dumb n-gga. And he’s going for it. I’m the most lit n-gga in the game, y’all mad and there’s no skeletons in my closet. I’m not no f-cking pedophile. Stop it. That’s the only thing y’all n-ggas know that could f-ckin’ end my run and it doesn’t exist.’”

Mal also told his cohosts that Kendrick is wrong for going at somebody who helped him early on in his career. Rory then interjected, reminding Mal that they did the same thing to Joe Budden, and he lost it.

Mal is referring to Drake taking Kendrick on tour years back. The Game actually took K.Dot on tour before Drake.

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