Jamie Foxx Posts Rant About Podcaster

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Actor and singer Jamie Foxx posted a heated message about podcasters…and many think his words may have been aimed at DJ Akademiks.

“Just cause they got a podcast… don’t make them a philosopher,” he wrote on Instagram. “Just cause they gotta loud fcking mouth… don’t make them the voice of the people.”

DJ Akademiks has faced huge backlash after claiming that old rappers were “dusty” and “broke” and that they did nothing for the new generation.

“I feel like the last generation — multiple generations of Hip Hop artists — has failed the new generation,” he said. “That’s why I think it’s the blind leading the blind. That’s why I don’t think older artists should be criticizing or really have any leg to stand on even if y’all call yourself pioneers to criticize how new artists are moving.”

Ak continued to double down on his stance, “Any industry n-gga hating on me.. is cuz i aint kiss the ring or bow down before i got into this sh-t. they all mad they gotta deal wit me. now. Just remember akademiks aint the last. Everyone influential in hip hop media coming via the internet… Theres a lot more 2 come.”

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