Jamie Foxx Is Reportedly ‘On a Mission’ To Win Back Katie Holmes!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Jamie Foxx is recovering after being rushed to the hospital after a “medical complication,” and now he reportedly wants to win his ex Katie Holmes back.

According to a source from the National Enquirer, his recovery made him revisit his 2019 breakup with the actress.

“Jamie has dated scores of beautiful women in his life, but none came close to matching what he had with Katie,” the source said. “Their chemistry was off the charts.”

The source continued, “It was a romance born of passion but became so much more. In hindsight, Jamie can’t believe he let her slip through his fingers.”

At the time of Foxx’s hospitalization, the actress was reportedly very worried about her ex.

“Katie is worried sick about Jamie,” a source told RadarOnline in Apri. “She and Jamie didn’t end on the best of terms. But regardless, she is very concerned.”

“Katie is desperate to find out more details but a lot of her calls to their mutual friends are going unanswered,” the source continued. Safe to say these two still have plenty of feelings for one another!

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