Jamaican Dancehall Artist Shenseea Goes Viral By Declaring That ‘Women Are The New Men’

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Black Twitter is going crazy this morning, after popular Dancehall artist Shenseea has declared that in 2023, ‘Women Are The New Men,’ Media Take Out has learned.

The artist’s latest tweets is provoking a spirited debate on Black Twitter. She shared her thoughts on women advancing in today’s society and has now seemingly replaced the need for men altogether.

The tweet shared on her account read, “Women are the new men, sadly.”

This statement caused many people, especially men, to react negatively, Media Take Out confirmed. The statements implied that the existence of men was not important except when convenient to women.

“When y’all come on social media and say stuff like this, do you really expect men to give up their seat on the bus, are you still expecting us to pull over and help you change that flat, are you still expecting us to run to your rescue and fight off robbers, rapists etc,” one person wrote.

“Oh you mean women are going to build roads, bridges, houses, railroads, schools, hospitals, supermarkets and all these many other conveniences we have in this world?” another man asked.

Some men also accused Shenseea of being hurt and not appreciated as a woman leading to her statement. “You’re just overly masculine because you’ve been dealing with simps. It’s natural. Find a man you can trust to lead and who loves you correctly and your perspective will undoubtedly change,” another person said.

This is certainly not the first time that Shenseea has stirred up controversy when it comes to the men versus women argument.

Media Take Out reported that Shenseea previously shared that she had raised her son since he was a baby, and she was both mother and father to him. This caused many to accuse Shenseea of depriving her son of having contact with his father, although the boy’s biological father has never acknowledged him publicly.

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