Jamaican Dancehall Artist Queen Ifrica Claims Her Father SKA Legend Derrick Morgan ABUSED HER!!

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Dancehall artist Queen Ifrica is making international news. This weekend the dancehall artist told the world that her father, Derrick Morgan, allegedly r*ped her as a young woman. And Media Take Out has learned that her allegations is causing gender advocates to call for a BAN on the legendary Ska singer, and calling for all of his awards to be revoked.

Derrick is a Jamaican musical artist who was popular in the 1960s and 1970s. He worked with Desmond Dekker, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff in the rhythm and blues and ska genres, and he also performed rocksteady and skinhead reggae.

Last week, Queen Ifrica, who is known for the popular and moving song “Daddy,” revealed in an emotional Tik Tok live video that her father is the Ska legend Derrick Morgan and she claimed that he r*ped her decades ago.

According to Queen Ifrica, she didn’t grow up with her father. But when she became a young teenager, she found out he was a popular musician. Excited, like any young girl would be, Queen Ifrica detailed how, while getting to know her father, she slept over at his home in Kingston one night because it was too late to go home. That’s where the alleged abuse took place

“I went to visit him when him was in Jamaica on one of [his] visits. Went to his house [and I ended up] spend the whole day with him cause [he’s my] father and [I wanted to get to know him],” Ifrica stated while adding that Morgan asked him to stay at his place when it was time for her to go home.

During the night, she said she awoke to her father penetrating her, and while raping her, he allegedly told her that his wife would not have s*xual relations with him, so she would do to satisfy him.

“The next thing me wake up [and my father] penetrate mi. [I] wake up in a the hours to mi father trying to penetrate me s*xually; hold mi down in a the bed and have sex with me and tell me seh him wife nah have no sex with him, so, him affi dweet wid me.”

Listen to her story:

And the story is not over. Media Take Out spoke with people close to the alleged victim, who tell us that this morning she went to the Jamaican authorities and pressed charges on her legendary father.

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