Jaguar Wright Claims Diddy Has A Taped Of A Woman Being M*rdered!!

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Jaguar Wright made some explosive claims about Diddy, claiming he has a video of a woman being murdered on tape.

“Cathy White’s true killer is going to be unveiled… And it’s not a man,” Jaguar said in the interview clip.

When asked for further details, she simply responded, “Show them the tape Diddy, you’ve got it. That might buy you a little time… We’re gonna hang you high, b*tch. Jay-Z too, Beyonce too.”

The stories surrounding Cathy White’s death have been circulating online after QAnon supporter and conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin claimed she was Jay-Z’s former mistress.

Croken, who has written for US Weekly, National Enquirer, Star and In Touch Weekly, posted a shocking alleged story about Cathy White and Jay.

“In August of 2011, I was working as a senior editor for Star magazine. My boss asked me to look into online blog reports claiming that a woman named Cathy Koreana White, who friends called Kori, was having an affair with Jay Z. The blog that reportedly first broke the affair story was published by Hollywood Street King in an article titled Busted: Jay Z Caught Cheating On Beyonce With Cathy White in August of 2010. I managed to get a hold of Cathy at her job in New York over the phone.”

Crokin continued, “…I then uncovered photos of Cathy hanging with Jay Z and Diddy, no less, at Tao nightclub in Las Vegas. So I called her back and asked her about the photo evidence that debunked her initial claim that she had never met or hung out with Jay Z. At this point, Cathy expressed to me that she would consider going public with her story. Days later, I tried to reach her at work with no luck. I finally got a hold of one of her colleagues, and I asked her if she knew why Cathy had been MIA. Her colleague shockingly told me: ‘She’s dead.’”

No proof has been made public about Crokin’s claims and there is no evidence backing up Jaguar Wright’s claims either.

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